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  • Connectivity provider matchmaking

    Connectivity provider matchmaking

    Goal of the project was to make it easier for property owners to find the right portfolio of technology solutions to grow their business. By putting customers first and using our proprietary data to generate a curated list of recommended providers, properties can make an informed decision. The idea behind this project was to make…

  • New extranet homepage

    New extranet homepage

    The homepage of Booking.com extranet providers an overview of the business performance for our property partners. It also serves as an entry point for actions upon the different aspects of their business. Part of the homepage experience is to guide partners to manage their operations, understand their performance and identify opportunities to improve their business.…

  • Accounts and permissions

    Accounts and permissions

    At Booking.com, as we strive to give partners a frictionless experience, we originally had our extranet setup to only support one account per property. From previous research we knew there was an interest in having the possibility of creating accounts and controlling their permissions, both from a partner and company perspective.