Henkaa Rebrand Intro
Brand identity & website rebrand - At Henkaa, each garment they feature is convertible and can be used in many ways. The sum of one product is infinite and is only bound by creativity. Henkaa's mission is to be a canvas that empowers women of all shapes, sizes, and walks of life. To do more with less, to reuse, repurpose, innovate and educate. The Henkaa team wanted to re-brand and elevate their online identity and experience. Create an elegant colour scheme and font library to design with.
Fonts, Swatches and icons
desktop view - Once the brand identity was created, next was to simplify the websites content grid. Make a clear hierarchy layout for customers to find their needs quicker and easier. Educate new customers on how the Henkaa dresses worked and how to style them. Having a cleaner social feed and suggested products feature.
Henkaa homepage
Henkaa PDP grid page
Henkaa PDP page
mobile view - Based on research and customers navigation habits. Mobile devices were an important key tool. To make sure everything was clear and available for their customers on a small screen. So mobile was a new key focus to re-grid the hierarchy of messaging on the website. Customers needed to have a simpler PDP page describing the Henkaa dresses.
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