Tag: Toronto

  • Skin care branding and website

    Skin care branding and website

    We had the opportunity to work on a new site built for the Niche Skin Labs brand. We worked with the Toronto based makeup brand to design an informative website for them to post their brand content and message.

  • Website rebranding

    Website rebranding

    At Henkaa, each garment they feature is convertible and can be used in many ways. The sum of one product is infinite and is only bound by creativity.

  • Internet venue library • Brand identity

    Internet venue library • Brand identity

    Nightly is a website that allows GTA users to find nightlife venues and events that are ideally suited to your interests, preferences, location and mood. Nightly finds the right night for you.

  • Visionelie collaboration • Street style

    Visionelie collaboration • Street style

    Soaring skylines, street wear culture, and a killer view from above — Elie Kimbembe’s Instagram feed @VisionElie documents his gravity-defying perspective of Toronto.

  • Spring cyber monday • Homepage design

    Spring cyber monday • Homepage design

    Was part of creating the 2014 spring sale event creative for Home-Depot Canada. Worked on the desktop and mobile layout, the footer pop-up, flyer messaging and all their social media pages content as well.

  • Marketing moving tips newsletters

    Marketing moving tips newsletters

    Created a moving plan newsletter template program for Home-Depot Canadian subscribers. This program would help customers who were planning to move in a few months. By sending them friendly reminders of key needs to keep in mind before the big moving day. The program was divided into eight newsletter templates.